Teodoru Badiu, a creative media designer and art lover from Vienna, Austria created this adorable breakfast theme characters.

So, here we go at fourth and final steps on 3d logo animation using 3ds max. The 3 steps before are create a base, a text object, and adding some cool snow effect. The build and customize element is finish, now it's time to animate the logo and render the scene.

1. Open the last 3ds max saved file (the logo object). Make sure the Select and Move Tool is selected. On front viewport, select the text and click on Auto Key button. Move the slider to frame 100. After that, move the text object to the other side of terrain, then deactivate the Auto Key button.

2. Now, click on Play button, and see the result. The text object that move will crash with the terrain. Stop the animation. To avoid the crash, you need to add a new keyframe. Active the Auto Key again and move the time slider to frame 30.

3. On front viewport, move the text a little bit above the terrain. After you finish, deactivate the animation button. Click Play button to see the preview.

Render 3D Text Logo.

1. Activate the perspective viewport. Click Rendering ---> Render Setup. On roll out Common Parameters, choose Active Time Segment.

2. On Render Output area, click Files button and create its name, format, and directory folder.

3. Last step is click Render button. It will took several minutes to render your scene. It depends on your computer. When it's finish, open the file with media player such as quicktime and flv.

Done. Now, you can see your logo animation. Hopefully this 3ds max series tutorials is helpful. See ya!.
Eduardo Vieira is a 2D Character Designer and Illustrator from Brazil.

Udara Chinthaka is a young artist from Colombo, Sri Lanka who love to do traditional & digital art.


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