Figurative Pencil Drawings Artwork by JAMES BERTUCCI

Artist Biography :

JAMES BERTUCCI is a national award winning artist who has an emphasis in representational painting and sculpture techniques. James artwork has recently been exhibited in galleries of New York, Laguna Beach, Washington D.C. and Chicago.

James interest in art began at age three. At age 6, he won a District Award as the outstanding student in all of Will, Kendall and Grundy counties of Illinois for his artwork. His piece entitiled the “Illinois State Cardinal” was published in the Illinois Reading Council Journal at age 7. James credits his high school teachers and mentor for 11 years, John Tylk for developing his skills. Bertucci studied under artist John Tylk at age 5, who taught him drawing and painting skillls along with introducing him to various techniques and approaches to art.

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  1. gw suka gaya yang pertama ama ketiga J. keren!!
    kerasa banget gaya sketsanya...
    seandainya gw bisa wuakakaka

  2. @cakpii hajar aja dul! Hehe :)


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