Artist Biography : 
Adebanji started his interest in art from an early age of 6. He attended Federal government College Enugu, Nigeria from 1983-89, where he had his Secondary Education. He had two brilliant art teachers who really encouraged him to improve his drawing skills.

From 1992-97 he attended Yaba College of Technology a renowned Art College in Nigeria. He won the John Walton Figurative Prize and the Heatherley Award for the Student with the most Outstanding Paintings in 2005.

He currently works from his studio in Chelsea, specializing in painting, illustration and photography. He also has a passion for sketching people on the tube and train. In all his works he tries to convey a feeling of life, movement and energy.

  •  Buskers

  • Rush Hour V

  • Tottenham Court Road

  • Maria

  • Sleeping Rough

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  1. this painting can full show people's life, so nature, thank you, love these painting


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